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About us

Chinchilla farm CHI-KA is located in the south-eastern Poland in the  Subcarpathian Voivodeship.
We specialize in breeding chinchillas STANDARD variety, producing several thousand pelts a year.

HI-KA started its activity in 2000. From the beginning, the main goal was to create the highest quality skins by using modern technology. A basic herd currently has approx. 3000 mothers on the surface of 1600 m2 of modern buildings built in a high standard for the purpose of the farm.

In 2008, company was transformed into a general partnership. In the first years of activity, the company took on experience, raised new commercial contacts in the production of fur from chinchillas. When production process of skins has been refined to perfection, because of our knowledge and experience we decided to offer live chinchillas for the breeding as well as complete chinchilla cages. Only the best specimens are qualified for the breeding. The same is with cages - we use only materials of the highest quality so our cages are safety and may be used by many years.

Production of breeding cages for chinchillas and pieces of cage equipment was quickly adapted to the needs and expectations of customers using extensive machinery and modernization of production space. Our prices are very competitive compared to the quality.

At the moment, we are the largest chinchilla farm in Poland. We produce several thousand cages for chinchillas per year and tens of thousands of items of equipment for chinchilla cages, satisfying the needs of many Polish and foreign breeders.

We invite you to visit our kennel !!!